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Welcome to the Music Circle

Bringing Indian classical music to Los Angeles since 1973
Founded by Ravi Shankar and Harihar Rao

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Celebrating 50 years in Los Angeles
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About the Music Circle

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The Music Circle aims to represent the full diversity of the classical tradition with music and dance from both north and south India and by the leading exponents of the field of percussion, voice, and strings. A key part of the mission is to preserve traditional music by cultivating a vibrant audience and a newer generation of young artists who will teach future generations. 


A private non-profit cultural institution, The Music Circle relies on the labor of devoted volunteers, the generous donations of philanthropic members, and the support of public funding in order to maintain our mission of keeping concerts affordable for community members and nearly free for all students. 

The Music Circle’s mission is to foster awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the classical music of India­–one of the world’s greatest musical treasures–by providing a supportive and inspiring platform for its leading exponents. Founded in 1973, The Music Circle presents 8 concerts between September and June by internationally renowned masters as well as emerging artists from both India and North America. 


We believe that the classical music of India is a source of pride and sustenance to the Southeast-Asian community and allows families to share the most cherished aspects of the culture with their children. By introducing emerging musicians along with our most senior artists, we hope to inspire the growing number of young Indian-Americans who are studying the classical music and dance of their heritage.

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