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50 Years in Los Angeles

"Harihar Rao remembers the day the Music Circle was born. Ravi Shankar and he were strolling through the beautiful campus of Occidental College, and they walked into the calm inviting chapel. Sunlight was streaming in through large stained glass windows, and in the peaceful stillness of this sacred place two men, lovers of music, decided to create the Music Circle.”

—Excerpt from "For the Love of Music"
by Ansuya Bijur

Our Founders

Ravi Shankar and Harihar Rao founded The Music Circle in Los Angeles in 1973.



Witness the founding decade
of The Music Circle. 

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Concert Videos

Relive a favorite concert... or maybe even check out one from before you were born!


80s & 90s

Revisit the incredible talent that graced The Music Circle during the 80s and 90s. 


Flyers Archive

Learn about our past musicians on 50-years-worth of hand-drawn flyers.


2000 to now

23 more years of concerts, with classic stars and today's rising talent. 

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